Broken Thought Theory Release Their Debut Album
Product of Environment

Friday May 13, 2016-    It's been quite a long time between drinks. Broken Thought Theory's self titled 7 song EP released in 2012 was meant to be just a taste of the album to come. But as the years ticked on, some of you might have incorrectly judged BTT as a thing of the past. However, the group's sudden withdrawal and utter disappearance from the Hip Hop community in Sydney was not due to disinterest. Instead it was out of a genuine desire to improve their skills and technique so that they could properly harness their own potential before bursting back onto the scene with a quality product they could really stand behind. 

I first became aware of Broken Thought Theory at a Marrickville warehouse called Spaceport One, a place that I hold dear to my heart, which might explain why my fuzzy feelings towards them have outlasted their absence. Even back in 2012 you see that their command of a stage was something special to behold. And I would have to urge you to see them live if possible, as listening to the album cannot fully substitute for the full live experience. 

Though they stick to a classic set up of two emcees and a DJ, BTT are anything but ordinary. Prolfik the Gifted from Sydney's south, who is the sole producer of the album, keeps the sound edgy and new, using his knowledge of electronic and trap music to his advantage, without losing that classic boom bap feel. He layers together a unique patchwork of music which the two emcees are able to flow through easily, using their voices as instruments to match the ever changing musical landscape. They also bounce off of each other well, using their different styles and approach to each track as a way to paint an overall picture much bigger than they could individually. Their voices aren't hard to tell apart, EaRelevant grew up in Sydney's inner west while State Advance hails from the west coast of Canada.  There's no faking accents here. 

Though Broken Thought Theory has been a name scarcely seen over the last few years, it's not like any of the members have been taking it easy. The side projects have been as numerous as they are impressive. From Prolik's bass heavy, hard hitting brother-sister- duo Bustacap taking the stage before Tech N9ne, to State Advanced's highly personal solo album titled 28 for which he teamed up with the funk band Sloppy Joe for a run of live shows, right up to ER's recent dabble in production with versatile and soulful singer Cassandra Braslin (who is also featured on the album). And that's not to mention the other groups they are involved in- High Noon, Beat Thieves, Cooking with Caustic, and Tumbledice to name a few. But overall there was always the feeling that all of this was secondary, preparation for the main event.   

And that main event has finally come.  The depth of time and experience put into this album really shows. You could pump it up at a party or sit on your own and pick apart the clever wordplay. A must have for your Hip Hop collection, it explores the effects, good and bad, that life and your environment has on your character. We are but a collection of our experiences and our reactions to them. 

Stand outs for me: Hits, 925, Broken Thoughts, and Rise


Stream Product of Environment via Bandcamp below then snap up your own digital or limited edition physical copy.