In their first release (ø), production and performance duo Deepsea Lights effortlessly balanced on a high wire suspended above genres and styles - not falling easily into a the trap of a category, whether digital or acoustic, melodic or poetic.

On their latest effort entitled "FTT", the ascendant synthesis of sounds remain but there's a deliberate step towards direct social criticism lyrically, with Joe Matthews at his most fierce and eloquent yet, aiming a vicious takedown of political and media hacks in his verses ("refugees are coming / better do the white thing").

A certain Newscorp columnist comes in for specific attention, which will probably further please the writers and readers of The Guardian (with whom Deepsea have already found favour).

Alloyed with the razorblade rhetoric a shimmering hook sung by gemgem (Gemma Lucy Smart) tempering the anger of the verses with an offer of alluring hope ("when will we see we are all one").

Although the duo cover a spectrum of emotion throughout, it's reflective of the seriousness of the social issues addressed that as the track unfolds intricate rhymes give way to a clear, sharp soundbite: FTT means Fuck the Telegraph, repeated cheerfully as the beat fades. It's a necessary message of judgement, and Deepsea Lights have found a compelling synthesis of sounds and words to deliver it.

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