7 Questions with DJ Helix

DJ Helix is a hardworking up and coming DJ from Wollongong on the south coast of NSW.  He is the permanent DJ for south coast rapper Azza D while continuing to work on his own solo material.  His 420 mix will get you lifted. The perfect soundtrack for a night out OR in just leave your worries at the door. 


When did you first start Deejaying and where did you learn your technique from? Have you got any mentors? 

"I first started DJing in 2012. I picked up my own technique as being from a small country town, there isn't anyone else DJing hip hop or using vinyl. I don't have any mentors."

What was it that inspired you to take up Deejaying as a hobby?

"I really enjoyed going to shows and seeing a DJ tear it up, still do! I think I appreciate it more now knowing what some DJs put into their live performance. Some of my favourite DJs to see live are DJ Cost, Craze, Izm, Premier, and Green Lantern."

You recently dropped a 420 mix which is available here. What is your favourite album to kick back and smoke one to? 

"Man, I couldn't put it in order.  There are too many dope records and depending on what mood I am in also. But I would have to say that you can't go wrong with 'Power in Numbers' from Jurassic 5."

Tell us about your crew and what artists have you have worked with so far?

"Ok so for the past few years I have been the DJ for Azza D. Azza D's music is political, uplifting and well, different.  In 2014 we worked on an EP with producer Arkitekt called 'The Secret Treehouse EP' and have worked on some of arkitekts collab EPs as well. 
I have done live performances with Elemont and Nooky.  I am currently working with young MC/Producer Kid Pharoah."

What is your first memory of listening to Hip Hop? 

"I remember this clear as day. I love this story! (HA!) I was in year four, my dad was an eminem fan. My dad would pump weights while listening to the eminem show. Every time I would walk in while he was working out he would tell me to get out because I'm too young for the music. So one day when he was at work, I played the eminem show on the cd player and recorded it on to a tape for me to listen to whenever I wanted to. haha"

What does Hip Hop culture mean to you? 

"Hip Hop to me means not only freedom of speech but freedom to take it to where ever you want. It means family, unity, power, creativity and resistance."

What are your top 5 Hip Hop artists?

"Hard question... I'm not saying these are the best artists but my favourute would have to be 2Pac, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Common, Mos Def and I am really taking a liking to all artists from Pro Era."

You can catch a DJ Helix doing a one hour set at Spaceport 2 on Saturday 27th JUNE at The Gaelic Club in Surry Hills.