“Funky dislocated Boom Bap with a touch of Gypsy”

As rapper and producer plus director and videographer for his third official film clip “Straight for the Math,” Mighty Ash certainly has his work cut out for him, and yet he handles it like a star. Ash gives us insight into why being the director of your own video can work to your advantage when you are also the musical producer: 

“I tend to edit video the same way I edit music, so a lot of the visual cuts work in the spaces between the snares and so forth.” 

Knowing that, you can really appreciate more the synchronicity between the film and the music, they aren’t two separate things anymore but one joint entity.  Being the sole person in creative control, Mighty Ash has produced a clip which perfectly executes the feel of his music. In this case he uses a lot of white space which he wanted to do in contrast to the first clip he made for “Walking Home,” which used a lot of black. The visuals in this clip are stunning. And none more so than the cameo appearance from Squid, who is a graffiti writer and brilliant visual artist from Sydney. Although not featured in the track itself she is also a talented singer among other things.

This is a track off the new album which is currently in production.  A lot of the music which has been released to date was made during Ash’s time living on the South Coast of NSW.  This is one of the first tracks which has been developed solely during his time living in Sydney and it is clearly different from the rest. This could be from his adapting to the faster paced environment or from the exposure to the vast creature community which we have here.

This track in particular doesn’t include any live instruments but you can be sure there will be plenty of that on the album which will be released later this year. 

Without further ado....


You can catch Mighty Ash performing next at Spaceport 2 Arts and Hip Hop Party which takes place at the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills on the 19th September.  Tickets available from here.