I was looking for a little funky jam. New Music from Grieves is A-Okay / by Jennifer Weidman


I've been down with Grieves since before Rhymesayers days. He does emotional, poetic rhymes (although sometimes seriously silly and out there). Some of his songs have helped to get me through some of the hardest times in my life and so of course they hold a special place. I may be inclined to like anything he puts out because of this emotional bond with the music. 

But I have to admit I was worried when the first single from his newest album "Running Wild" came out. It's entitled 'RX', it's got a trap beat and that new age rhyming style in it and I thought oh no not Grieves too. I may have even given up on him then, and switched off without fully listening. But I should have known.

Then I had to listen when another new video came up last week, though I was hesitant. It's hard to watch something you love become something you don't care for. And it has happened far too many times with music recently.

And then I listened to 'A-Okay' and I was instantly relieved, almost from the first few notes. I should have known Grieves wouldn't disappoint.  

It's a feel good summer song I can imagine blasting from low riding beach cruisers driving slowly down palm tree lined streets.  It's got soul and the lyrics perfectly describe his attitude- just do you.  

Seriously, in music and in life just do you.  Trends will come and go, you can experiment with them without losing who you are- so try everything! Experiment with different styles, but keep your essence. If you are authentic and real then people will eventually get it. 

I went back and listened to 'RX' again too and guess what, I get it.  Here's 3 different videos from the new album all in really different styles but all authentic Grieves, enjoy.

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<3 Jen