Making J. Cole Proud / by Jennifer Weidman

I thought these were supposed to be weekly, what happened to that?? Yeah well life's crazy, so let's try this again...

First single from Nardean- No Effort Required (J. Cole remix)

First off I have to say I love everything about this.... besides one or two things but we'll get to that.  I love the lyrics, the flow, the energy, the video, just everything about her- the whole package.  You can tell she really believes in what she's doing and it comes across as this super sexy confidence.  And it's not just positive music, it speaks truth and I dig that. We need music like this in a world oversaturated with bullshit. 

But all that being said...

The one thing I hated was the beat. 
Don't get me wrong, I love J. Cole to death.  In fact he's one of my favourite emcees in skill, lyrics, and flow. 

Ok, you know what it's not even the beat, J. Cole's beat works for him, and though I don't really think it quite suits the style of this song, she makes it work for her too in her own way, and that's fine. I salute people who take a chance on being different. There's just one problem still, it's J.Cole's beat. 

I don't like cheap tricks. 

I don't like when people use marketing in a way that assumes its audience is dumb. 
J. Cole worked hard to get where he is, and early in his career he didn't have anyone helping him, still he did everything himself. He made his own beats to rap over.  Not everyone has the talent, equipment, or opportunity to create all their own beats or music.  Still you think J. Cole would be proud that you put a beautiful song over a jacked beat? 

Let’s assume he doesn’t care either way.  Are you proud?  Did you give it your all? Did you utilise all the people around you who could have helped you to create an original song?  Sure, there will be original songs after this, of course there will. I just think with all the effort that’s gone into it to create such an incredible video, you should be using it to show us what YOUR thing is. 

So that brings me to the why…
Purely for attention.  
Sure we all want our music to be heard by as many people as possible, but don’t do it by riding on the success of others.  Your listeners are not dumb, and it will put them off.  Sure tagging J. Cole in your post and writing “J. Cole would be proud” will get you extra clicks, but at what expense?  Integrity? Patience? 


Anyway I’m not doing all this to hate on Nardean.  I love what she’s created and I greatly look forward to new music in the future. 

Cheap marketing gimmicks are a pet peeve obv, but more of this, please!


This is just my opinion... Agree? Disagree? Comment below to have your say.