7 Questions with Sarah Connor


No words are more synonymous with survival against the odds then Sarah Connor. Bursting onto her local hip hop scene four years ago alongside DJ Maniak, she has built up a solid repertoire of hard hitting, on point and energetic live shows having opened for Def Wish Cast, Mata and Must and Sky’ High. Winning the Briggs Sheplife King of the Town competition in October 2014 put Sarah in the spot light showing that to compete in a heavily male dominated industry there can be no excuses, only track after track of lyrical genius and dynamite flow. Her first single KILLBILL erupted online and made its way into regular rotation on Triple J Unearthed and onto Triple J and again her second track Coma State Feat. Price Johnson, Prod. Kid Pharaoh, was picked up by Triple J within 13 hours of its release online and made the High Five, top five songs of the week on Home and Hosed. Often described as a one woman army, Sarah Connor is about making the impossible possible and above all else, delivering independent music that connects with her audience and inspires listeners. Her first EP, the Mahjong EP will be released mid 2015 and is backed with production from Ciecmate, (Broken Tooth Entertainment) Lou Koo out of San Francisco (Oh Blimey, Gavlyn) and JayTee Hazard, showing that she is ready to raise the bar.


Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

"Sia, Lorde, Sticky Fingers, INXS, Roxanne Shante, just to name a few. There is something to learn from everyone." 

You are often labelled a feminist, however many people get confused about what that term actually means. Do you consider yourself a feminist and could you briefly explain what that means to you?

"Yes thats a fair description and yes I think a lot of people are fed the cultural illusion of feminism equating to misandry. Of course I want to create a better world for women and eliminate violence against women. Im not asking any other group to give up any rights they have. Everyone stay calm and Carrie on." 

Some of us have been highly anticipating your first release. When can we expect the EP to drop?

"About the middle of the year. I was once give advice to do things properly because once its out in the public domain you are stuck with it. Release a product when you have gone through the necessary steps to make it a quality release."

What is your earliest memory of listening to Hip Hop?

"Lets talk about Sex by Salt n Pepa in about year 3."

What two albums are you listening to right now?

"Prime’s new album- The Sweetest Victory of All 
Sticky Fingers- Land of Pleasure"

What does Hip Hop culture mean to you?

"Unity, universality and survival. Also having a good time."

Who are your top 5 Hip Hop artists?

"Oh Blimey, Gavlyn, Thundamentals, Hilltop Hoods, Briggs"

You can catch Sarah Connor performing at the Spaceport 2: Relaunch! show on April 10th at the Gaelic Club, Surry Hills. Doors 8pm Sarah Connor 10pm

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