7 QUESTIONS with Cormega

Growing up in the projects of Queensbridge in NYC in the 80's, Cormega befriended fellow future rappers Nas, Future, and Capone. Though he never seemed to pop off the way some of his peers did he has remained a consistent underground favourite over his long career never compromising the integrity of his music to satisfy the masses. "As artists some of us do it for the money; some of us do it for the art. I'm in it for the legacy, to be consistently great," says Cormega who's recently released album Mega Philosophy shows us a whole new side of the once gangster, now devoted father. But don't be fooled, he still brings it raw and tells it how it is. Notably on the track "Industry" he goes in on his jaded relationship with the music industry which will hopefully help guide young artists who are just beginning their careers. 


As someone who lived what many consider the golden era of Hip Hop what do you think is missing from Hip Hop music and culture today?

"PRIDE! Skill was once a badge of honor now materialism and status how taken the place of the once proud lyricist."

Who are some of the artists that you see coming up now with conscious lyrics who are helping to steer Hip Hop into a positive direction?

 "Underground there are many mainstream I'd say Kendrick."

How do you want to be seen now and what do you hope that your legacy will be?

"I want to be seen as myself! I want my legacy to be that of a consistent uncompromising non conformist who tried to make every album as great or greater than my greatest."

You have a documentary entitled “Who Am I?” which you put out in 2007 covering the years 2001-2005. It comes in two parts which are an hour and 52 minutes each. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know of anyone else who has the balls to make a nearly 4 hour documentary about themselves. It also lacks the structure of a typical documentary- no voice overs or explanations- just raw footage.  Did it feel like you were being a little self-indulgent with it or do you think it shows an accurate portrayal of who you are to a wider audience?

 "I think you are looking too deep into it. I definitely didn't want to make it that long the guy who filmed it made it that long because it's easier then editing it. But I've never heard anyone complain about it."

One part that stands out to me in the documentary is when KL (from Screwball) was talking about how rappers used to have to battle before they could get respect and call themselves an emcee. Do you think maybe that could be a problem with Hip Hop today, rappers don’t necessarily have to prove themselves before they step up to the mic

"Definitely, now you got guys who are famous just because of cosign or affiliation that's insulting to the art and culture and purist."

If there was a Hip Hop political party what would the slogan be and do you think you would make a good candidate?

"Wtf kindve question is that mate?" 

Who are your top 5 Hip Hop artists?

"All time I don't know but Rakim, Kool G Rap , Shan, Slick Rick are very important to me."

You can catch Cormega on his FIRST EVER Australian and New Zealand tour starting next month. Check the dates below for a show near you!

1st Brisbane Wolly Mammoth
3rd Perth Rosemount Hotel
4th Sydney Jam Gallery (Bondi Junction)
5th Adelaide The Gov
8th Auckland Club Duo
9th Christchurch Dux Live
10th Melbourne Chasers (South Yarra)

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