This soul, hip hop, and delta blues act was born almost by accident: a chance meeting of two very different musically orientated people that blossomed into something extraordinary. 

In May 2014, a friend of a friend passed on a USB of Jayo James’ beats to Natalie Slade. A week later, Slade wrote to one of Jayo’s tracks. A Few jam sessions followed, sealing in an instantaneous musical chemistry that explored funk, reggae, dub, hip hop and soul rhythms. Naming themselves Yum Yum after a mumbled phone conversation, they dropped their first EP titled “Slade meets Jayo” within 3 months of meeting.

In under a year, Yum Yum have supported hip hop/soul artists Tall Black Guy (UK), Bankrupt Billionaires (QLD), and esteemed hip hop artist and Triple J Hip Hop Show host, Hau. Their second EP is set to drop in April 2015!

Watch the new clip for Just Friends and then get to know this unique duo below with producer jayo answering 7 Questions...

So we all know the story of how you two met. Now after watching the Just Friends clip, I think what we’d all like to know is, are you more than just friends?

Haha! No, we are just friends. 


Will Natalie ever rap or would you consider having a guest emcee on your tracks?

"Yes to both, we had Danilo Ray rap on our track "Simple" from our first EP and now Natalie performs part of that rap during our live show. She is getting better and more confident each time! We have also worked with emcee Hau and released a remix of his track "In The End" 


When is the next EP due out?

"Friday May 22nd at Play Bar in Surry Hills"


What is your earliest memory of listening to Hip Hop?

"My cousin playing Beastie Boys- Licensed To Ill. "


What two albums are you listening to right now?

Fashawn - the Ecology 
and the new Kendrick - To Pimp A Butterfly 


What does Hip Hop culture mean to you?

"It's a way of life.... ("but it doesn't teach you how to raise your kids or treat your wife" - Q Tip) 
I feel like the essence of Hip Hop is being able to make something beautiful from hard situations, surroundings and struggle. 
These days it's an undeniable cultural movement that has brought the people of earth closer together through art, often shocking some but always forcing us to look critically at ourselves as people. It sparks rebellion and questioning, even against itself, while preaching and practising togetherness. It's definitely not perfect, nor should it be. I can't think of another musical based culture that has had the same positive global impact as Hip Hop. 
Artistically, It demands raw creativity and a fresh approach while always learning from and paying respect to it's past through the use of sampling in the beats, traditional hand styles and arrows in the visual form, specific up rock and floor styles in the dance and derivative delivery and interpolation in the spoken word. 
While it has (mainly) been a product of African American society and their amazing and inspiring story, Hip Hop has always accepted and encouraged other cultures, the black, the white, the red, the brown, the purple and yellow. Just don't fake the funk. 
So it's super cool that on the other side of the world people are inspired and moved enough to be able to add to it and grow and develop their own styles and take on hip hop. 
Personally, my main love of Hip Hop is musical, and apart from the genres that it draws groove, inspiration and samples from, I haven't found another style of music that moves me physically and emotionally more than Hip Hop. "

Who are your top 5 Hip Hop artists?

Hard to pick only 5.....
Kool Herc and Kool DJ Red Alert 
Q Tip
Roots Manuva. 


You can catch Yum Yum performing at the Spaceport 2: Relaunch! show on April 10th at the Gaelic Club, Surry Hills. Door 8pm Yum Yum 930pm



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