7 Questions with Two Toes

Two Toes is an experimental Hip Hop group out of the Blue Mountains- with original members comprising of MC Joe New (Former Down Under Beats Crew MC) and producer Caustic Yoda (Ex BlindHoarse). What began as a humble side-project quickly spawned a cohesive hip hop outfit performing shows both in the Blue Mountains and Sydney with DJ Morgz and guests including Waza, Dialectrix, Jeswon, Tuka, and DJ Cost in the mid 00’s. The project released a debut album in 2008. But here’s the tricky part- the album was called Cooking with Caustic which also became the name of Caustic Yoda’s current project- a ten piece Hip Hop/ Groove collective. (For more info on Cooking with Caustic the band check here.

Their dynamic live show incorporates live bass and percussion and brings a unique energy to the room that is sure to have you dancing and clapping along. This is only their second show since 2008 and as such is a rare opportunity not-to-be missed!

Get to know the group with 7 Questions answered by rapper Joe New.


Two Toes is often described as a “side project,” how did it come about and what other projects were you involved in at the time?

"Me and Caustic both had our own thing going on when we started writing the Two Toes album. I think he was in a group called Blindhorse at the time and messing around on a few other projects. My first group Down Under Beats Crew had just broken up after six years and a couple of albums, and me long time partner in rhyme Dialectrix were sticking together to write some new stuff on our own. I was working with Caustic at the time and I was feeling the beats he was showing me so I just started writing to them. I remember it like the songs were just writing themselves, and in no time we had about 8 tracks and Cooking With Caustic was well underway. I guess the side project label stuck more when I joined Gully Platoon with Pegz and Trix and I didn't have the dedication to do both. Me and Caustic had a bit of a fall out and we never played a show again together till this year. The Two Toes album is my favourite work I've ever released and I'm cheering we made it happen to get up and rock a show again."

There are so many brilliant artists that have come out of the Blue Mountains, what do you think is it about the place that breeds such creativity?

"I think at the time we were all up there we had an amazing amount of talent floating around, and we were all coming up, everyone was friends but we were all trying to be the best. We used to have the craziest cyphers all the time. It's infectious. I can remember friends who were not even rappers who just hanging around us were getting sharp on the freestyle just because it was in there face, we were so hungry for it. Theres not a whole lot to do in the Mountains. so less distractions I guess. I personally loved writing up there looking out over the gully from my kitchen, it was a nice time."

When did you start writing raps and who were your biggest influences early on?

"I was bout 15. First real influences were guys like Pegz and Brad Strutt."

What is your earliest memory of listening to Hip Hop?

My memory is pretty bad these days but I remember having Doggystyle on tape when I was just a young lad and I remember writing out all the the raps to Naughty By Nature 'Hip Hop Hooray'."

What two albums are you listening to right now?

Two Toes- Cooking with Caustic (to remember my lyrics for the show)
Jay Z- The BluePrint


What does Hip Hop culture mean to you?


Who are your top 5 Hip Hop artists?

Tribe Called Quest


Catch Two Toes performing at the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills for the Spaceport 2: Relaunch! event on Friday April 10th! Doors 8pm, Two Toes 11pm


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