Here at we have two things in common. We all love Hip Hop and we're all named Jen... but occasionally we like to call each other by different names, so things are a bit less confusing. If you would like to become a Jen Loves Hip Hop contributor please contact me via the email below with at least one writing example. (Name change not necessary but encouraged.) 

Jen Love - Founder/ Editor

Blogger, gig connoisseur, and music junkie. Jen also does the gig guide on Hip Hop show Hardcore Classic where she mangles the English language consistently with her US/ Australian crossover accent.

All music and gig submissions, love and hate mail:



Michael- Contributor/ Critic/ Muse

Emcee, Producer, and graphic designer. Michael is a Hip Hop Souljah toiling hard for worldwide Hip Hop culture. 

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