Skase A.k. - Opening Credits / by Michael Farkas

Hip Hop...
Easily the most important label/Culture in my Life. From the days in the mid to late 90's at my VERY public High School in Country Victoria where anyone sporting that or a Metal Head label would congregate at the back ovals behind trees that almost as if created that way, had grown with perfect hiding places within their trunks for bongs, beers and other things teachers and underpaid and extremely annoyed gardeners would have disposed of in a heartbeat. 
A very large and ever growing group of mostly Artists and basically hard knocks and anti-socials comprised of Dj's, A LOT of very average but passionate breakers and at that point NO Emcees, controlled the School by any means necessary. Race was never an issue, age was never an issue. 

The Incredible albums and sounds being shared consisted of, among others, Wu Tang, Cypress Hill, Run DMC, Tupac, Nas, Dmx, Tha Dogg Pound, De La Soul, House of Pain, Naughty by Nature, etc etc etc, the list grew daily and continues to grow. I'm Proud to say today almost 20 years later I am still friends with, or more accurately, Family with these People. Some are Professors at Universities, plumbers, real estate agents and a hundred other occupations, and in my case Producer/Emcee, and to pay the rent, bartender. 
Bartender extraordinaire. 

Hip Hop...

Let me explain a few Rules for the uneducated. ...

1. If you are of white pigment, NEVER say the N word. No excuses.
2. Understand the N word, you are Never Ignorant Gettin' Goals Accomplished. So when it's stated in songs it IS directed at YOU as well. But you cannot say it. We as a Culture are not there yet. We will ONLY be there when EVERY white Hip Hop listener or Souljah understands this. Tom Hanks' Son is a fuckhead. A moron. 
3. The Culture is a Revolution. 
4. The Culture is a Revolution. If you are not ready for complete social and Societal change, step away and find another hobby. Just listening to Hip Hop Music does not give you the right to comment on it.
5. Investigate Great Hip Hop Artists, even if you don't feel them. It's important to understand the backgrounds and Legacies of ALL Great Artists in our Culture, in all Elements. This Culture has Prophets and Legends that in some cases willingly died for OUR Revolutionary Beliefs. As Pac said, "don't have to bump this but please Respect it."
6. Oz Hip Hop is DEAD. Australia makes Hip Hop, not a bastardized white version of it.
7. Have fun. Enjoy the most Amazing Movement on Earth, add to it, be it, Live it. Evolve it. Be Strong. Fuck haters.

I Love you guys n girls.
More 2 come.

Skase A.k.